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World Vision Youth Conferences

Empowering Australia's youth to tackle the biggest issues facing humanity.

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About World Vision Youth Conferences

In 2017, back by popular demand, we’re re-launching World Vision Youth Conferences to inspire young leaders for a better world. Across Australia we’ve reached over 50,000 high school students, equipping them with an understanding of inequality and empowering them to stand up to poverty and injustice.


This year students can attend conferences in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. For those schools who are outside of these cities, we’ll be live streaming the final Sydney conference directly into the classroom – anywhere across the country.

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World Vision works with local communities across 96 countries around the globe to overcome poverty. It’s these experiences in creating lasting community change that we bring to young leaders.

The World Vision Youth Conferences present students with the opportunity to make a real difference by leading the 40 Hour Famine in their schools.

We demonstrate how students can use their careers, volunteerism and activism for good.

Giving students a voice throughout the day, we encourage them to start inspiring others.

Through interactive content, we motivate students to define and shape their world.

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